Yearbook Ads

Now Is The Time To Sell Sponsorship Ad Space For The Player's Guide Y/B!!!



How it Works: This is another great fundraiser that earns credit towards club fees, simply by selling sponsorship ads.  The amount earned depends on the cost to format and print the guide and the quantity of ads sold.  In the past up to 60% has been earned.

The guide will include a list of Webfoot Alumni in collegiate volleyball; words of encouragement from our Director, Cathy Nelson; team photos, with the player’s name/number and all of the sponsors. The order form gives an example of last years cover page and one of the inside pages of advertisement, for your convenience. 


The order form clearly shows the levels of sponsorship ranging from $50-$500.  Each company that submits an sponsorship will be given a complimentary copy of the Player’s Guide Y/B, (which you will be responsible to deliver after the spring printing) as well as knowing that the guide will be given to player’s that purchased the yearbook. 


Simply fill out the Player Sponsorship Order Form for each ad that you sell; attach the camera ready artwork and check then mail to the address shown at the bottom of the form or call Tammy to make arrangements to e-mail or deliver in person.

Need the Player Guide order form? Click here to get it!