Christmas Tree Pickup













How it Works: After Christmas, you pickup Christmas trees throughout the area and take them to a Christmas tree recycling center.  Every dollar collected goes directly to your daughters account.

Click here to download the instructions and click here to download the flyer.   


  1. Fill in the flyer with your name and phone number. Make as many copies as you think you'll need.

  2. Canvas neighborhood area and give to family and friends.

  3. When called at home, make arrangements to pick up the tree in a timely fashion. If you have an answering machine, make sure to change your message to say something about tree pickup.

  4. Take the trees to Rexius-150 Hwy 99, Eugene, OR 97402. Identify yourself as a Webfoot Junior Volleyball Club member.  They will charge you at the booth $7 to dump a flocked tree and $4 for a green tree. Please pay immediately. Note that Rexius will be closed January 1st!

  5. Turn in checks to Webfoot to be credited to your account. Cash can be turned in any time as well.


Note: There are over 30 other organizations doing this fundraiser.  

If you see a tree out in an area, go up and ask for it.  

If the people have not committed to having their tree picked up, they will let you have it because you are there at their door.