We are excited to announce that this summer we will be running Webfoot Beach Club!  This is a chance for our Webfoot players to take their game outdoors to the one of the fastest growing sports for women and girls - beach volleyball!  Playing in the sand has an incredibly positive effect on player's indoor game as well, helping with ball control, reading hitters, and controlling their own attacking game.  Also, it is just super fun!


As we do indoors, we will have 2 programs available.  We will have our Beach Club, which will practice twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday nights) and will be for players that wish to compete in tournaments and play a more competitive season.  We will also have Beach Academy, which will be for new players or those that wish to learn about the beach game but do not want to commit to playing in tournaments.  Beach academy will practice once a week (Wednesday nights).  We will split academy into 2 sessions - a 4 week June session and a 4 week July session.  




Our beach club director is Kim Elgarico - our Webfoot 14 Gold coach.  Kim has extensive beach playing and coaching experience from her years in New Orleans, and she has continued to play and coach after she moved to Eugene.  In fact, Kim is the ASSISTANT INDOOR & BEACH COACH AT BUSHNELL (FORMERLY NCU), who started a beach team this spring.  We are very excited that she will be running this program and sharing her love, passion, and coaching with our beach players.


In addition, Kim will be joined by several familiar faces from our Webfoot family.  Josh and Caleb Scott,  both of whom are assistant coaches with Webfoot this year, are avid and successful outdoor player.  They travel around the US playing beach, and are the only pair from the CEVA region to medal in a USAV Beach National tournament.  We are thrilled to have them join our team!















        Coach Kim and her beach partner                       Coach Caleb and Coach Josh - 2018

          won the bronze medal at USAV Beach                 USAV Beach Nationals silver medalists!

          Nationals in 2018!


Here are the details that we know right now:


Webfoot Beach Club

Start Date: Thursday, June 2nd

End Date:  Thursday, July 30th

There will be an option for the first week of August for those that wish to attend the Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament August 6-9.

Cost:  $350 for the season 

This includes your practices and training in Eugene, your gear ( 2 tanks, 1 long sleeve shirt and 1 hoodie) and 1 beach volleyball.  This does not include tournament entry fees for tournaments that you choose to attend.  


You do not have to have a partner already selected to play for Webfoot Beach Club. You can have an idea of who you wish to play with, but you do not need to know and the coaches will pair you with someone they feel is compatible.  Also, your partner may change from tournament to tournament based on weekend availability!


Webfoot Beach Academy

Session 1 start date:  June 3

Session 1 end date:  June 24th


Session 2 start date:  July 8

Session 2 end date:  July 29th


Cost:  $50 per session

Will include 1 tank or t shirt 



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