Mrs Fields Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Posted by Tammy Chamness on Jan 27 2016 at 11:12AM PST in 2016

How it Works: We are selling Mrs. Fields cookies that are frozen in tubs of 32 cookies each. Items sell for $17-$20 per tub/box and you get a profit of 40% for each one sold. The selling period is Feb. 1st – Feb.19th and the cookies will be delivered the week of March 30th (exact date will be posted as soon as we know).
As always, you can choose to participate in this fundraiser if you would like to but you are not obligated to do so. Any money that you earn goes directly to your player’s account.
We hope there will be many of you who will benefit from this fundraiser. There will be packets available beginning Monday February 1st for the players to pick up and then can start selling immediately.
Here is some general information about the fundraiser:

Cookies Must be frozen within 24 hours of delivery or refrigerated (if refrigerated they need to be cooked within 2 weeks) Frozen Cookies will last for 1 year if kept in an air tight container or Ziploc.
All items sell for $17-$20 and they need to be pre-paid at the time of the order.
All Checks should be made payable to Webfoot Juniors VBC; you can also accept cash or money orders.
Please return envelope, WHITE & YELLOW, copies of the order form and your money on turn in day. Keep the pink copy for your records.
Please make sure that you make arrangements to pick cookie dough up on delivery day; as we have NO freezer space to store them so cookies will go bad if they are not picked up and Webfoot can not be liable for the product if it doesn’t get picked up and spoils.
On delivery day orders will be sorted and separated by player and ready for you when you arrive. You can pick up on March 30th (exact date will be posted when we know it) from 5-7 pm, this time may be adjusted when I get order delivery confirmation.

Contact: Tammy Chamness at for more information.